Xbox Game Pass Will Be Adding Killer Queen Black, Outer Wilds, and More at Launch from ID@Xbox

Xbox Game Pass Will Be Adding Killer Queen Black, Outer Wilds, and More at Launch from ID@Xbox

Along with the numerous games that the service already offers, Xbox Game Pass will also be getting several upcoming indies games at launch.

Over the past few years, Xbox Game Pass has become one of the key services driving a constant library of games (including new releases) each and every month to Xbox One owners. Outside of the marquee releases that have come to the service, such as Crackdown 3 most recently, indie games are also getting the chance to shine on the monthly subscription service with a selection of upcoming indies that are heading to the service later this year.

In the first episode of its ID@Xbox Game Pass video series, Microsoft revealed that several upcoming indie titles will be coming to Xbox Game Pass later this year to coincide with their launch.

The first of these games is the upcoming multiplayer title Killer Queen Black, which is the reimagined version of the cult classic arcade hit. Meanwhile, Outer Wilds from Mobius Digital and Annapurna Interactive has also been confirmed to be coming to Xbox Game Pass at its release.

The other games showcased during the ID@Xbox Game Pass presentation that were confirmed to be heading to Xbox Game Pass included Afterparty, which is the next upcoming title from Oxenfree developer Night School Studio, The Good Life from fan favorite developer Swery and more.

Overall, the presentation seemed to signify that Xbox Game Pass will become a unique destination not just for major titles like Microsoft’s first-party titles, but also give a platform for indie games to reach a wide new audience. With so many high-profile indie games on the horizon for later this year (and beyond), Xbox Game Pass seems like it is giving the perfect chance for gamers to try out these titles and gain whole new experiences.

For a closer look at these games and more coming from ID@Xbox, you can watch the full broadcast below: