Xbox Game Pass Has Four More Games Dropping This Week

Microsoft has unveiled the upcoming slate of Xbox Game Pass titles releasing before the end of June.

As we approach the last few days of June, Microsoft have kindly announced they will be adding a total of four new games from under the [email protected] umbrella to Xbox Game Pass. The games, due to drop over the next couple of days, are as follows:

  • Night Call (Console) – June 24th
  • Observation (Console & PC) – June 25th
  • Streets of Rogue (Console) – June 25th
  • The Messenger (Console) – June 25th

Night Call is a stylish murder-mystery game, in which you play a taxi driver in Paris, conversing with your customers in order to gain vital clues and avoid having a series of murders pinned on you. The neo-noir setting works incredibly well with the atmosphere the game fosters. Our review said, “Night Call is, at its best, a story with engaging characters that make you want to learn their secrets.”

The first of two Devolver Digital published games on this list, Observation is a sci-fi puzzler with an interesting premise. Controlling SAM (Systems Administration & Maintenance) which is a piece of AI software onboard a space station orbiting earth, you manipulate the environment around you in order to assist Emma, who’s aboard the station to figure out what caused the events that led to the crew’s disappearance and the other mysteries that surround it.

Third up is Streets of Rogue, which as the name suggests is a rogue-lite, whose gameplay draws inspiration from a variety of sources including The Binding of Isaac, Deus EX, and Grand Theft Auto. Spread across a procedurally generated city, you loot, shoot, hack and slash your way through a wide variety of missions in a game that sports incredible variation and replayability. Within the last couple of months, developer Matt Dabrowski has also announced a sequel is in development, so there is no better time to jump in and check it out.

The final game, which is already available on the Game Pass for PC, is Sabotage Studio and Devolver Digital’s much-loved The Messenger. Split across two eras, each with a differing art style, one 8-Bit and the other 16-bit, The Messenger is a side-scrolling action game with Metroidvania elements, reminiscent of games from the Ninja Gaiden franchise. You play a ninja who is tasked with delivering a scroll to the top of a mountain while defeating your enemies and learning new skills. The game is so popular that fans clamoured to back Sabotage Studio’s next project Sea of Stars, a retro-inspired turn-based RPG set in The Messenger universe, on Kickstarter to the tune of almost 1.2 million dollars.

The additions of these four great games once again help to amplify the value that Xbox Game Pass holds. While you’re there, don’t forget there’s still time to grab a couple of June’s free Games with Gold.

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