Owners of Xbox Game Pass Are Playing 40% More Games

Owners of Xbox Game Pass Are Playing 40% More Games

Xbox Game Pass users are playing not only more games, but a wider variety of genres as well.

I have long been a champion for Xbox Game Pass. I feel that it is the best deal in gaming right now. The service has let me try more games that I normally wouldn’t and actually buy more games on my Xbox. It looks like I am not the only one.

Per GamesIndustry.biz, the ID@Xbox lead Agostino Simonetta shared some data about the subscription service that shows that Xbox Game Pass subscribers are buying more titles and diving into more genres then the did before subscribing.

According to Simonetta, Game Pass subscribers are playing 40% more games both inside and outside of the service. Simonetta stated: “People that join the subscription are way more engaged. Well, they have a lot of free games to play — but actually they’re way more engaged outside the subscription. They go out to stores and buy more games than they did before they joined.”

On top of this, he revealed that owners of the service have been playing more games that they normally wouldn’t. A whopping 91% of subscribers shared that they played a game that they normally wouldn’t have tried if they weren’t enrolled in the service. Microsoft has also noticed that members are playing about 30% more genres then they had before.

Simonetta shared that this is great news for niche developers who might want to bring their game to Xbox Game Pass. The stats show that players are trying a wide variety of games so customers always want to try something new. He stated: “For us, there’s no genre that is not relevant because we really want to offer a great menu where customers can decide, ‘You know what? I want to try something new’.”

Many people have often thought that the Xbox Game Pass service would cannibalize sales of games. Well, according to Simonetta, it is actually doing the opposite. Subscribers are actually picking up more titles. The usage for all titles that are included in the service has increased by an average of six times.

“We’re seeing a massive spike in certain categories, but generally when a title goes into Game Pass, we see an average of six-time increase in usage for all the games in the Xbox Game Pass catalog,” he says.

At this moment in time, if you are an owner of an Xbox One, it is almost a no brainer to pick up Xbox Game Pass. Microsoft always has some fantastic deals going on for the service and you can almost always find a good deal through a third party seller.