Phil Spencer Comments On Whether More Xbox Exclusives Could Come To Nintendo Switch

Phil Spencer Comments On Whether More Xbox Exclusives Could Come To Nintendo Switch

Phil Spencer would like Xbox Game Pass on Switch, but doesn't know if Nintendo is interested or not and doesn't want to speak for them.

Xbox True Last Boss Phil Spencer was interviewed by Kotaku, and he was most notably asked about Microsoft exclusive games getting to Nintendo Switch, stuff like Game Pass. Over the years, a very few amount of Xbox exclusives ended up ported on Switch: games like Cuphead, and the Ori series, Ori and the Blind Forest, Ori and the Will of the Wisps.

Phil Spencer told Kotaku that Microsoft has a “very good relationship with Nintendo”, and that every conversation they ever had “has really been easy”. However, the games that ended up on Switch so far are all special cases and exceptions, and it’s unlikely more will come on a regular basis. Spencer explained considering every Xbox exclusive game to get ported to Switch one by one “doesn’t feel sustainable”.

Phil Spencer added that in order to support more Xbox games coming to Switch, he’d instead like a full Xbox ecosystem, like the Xbox Live and Xbox Game Pass, on Switch. In a past interview with Gamestar, he basically said Sony and Nintendo aren’t really that interested in having a full Xbox experience on their PS4, PS5, or Switch. Asked about this previous comment, Phil Spencer now corrected himself, saying that he “shouldn’t speak” for Sony or Nintendo, and that they should be the ones to answer that.

Personally speaking I don’t think Xbox Game Pass or tons of Xbox exclusives in general coming to Switch will ever happen, but we’ll see. At least, it’s definitely more likely than Microsoft buying Japanese companies like Sega or Konami. And having to manage their game centers, pachislo gambling, sports gyms, and mobile games whose chara designs would be deemed outrageous by most non otaku people.

The Xbox Series X will be launching November 10, 2020. The digital only Xbox Series S is launching the same day.