Microsoft CEO Says It Will Continue to Look to Grow Xbox Game Studios

Microsoft CEO Says It Will Continue to Look to Grow Xbox Game Studios

Bethesda sounds like it won't be the last purchased that Microsoft and Xbox Game Studios will be making as time moves forward.

Microsoft announced that it would be spending a cool $7.5 billion to snatch up ZeniMax Media, and by proxy, Bethesda Softworks, only yesterday, and despite the massive transaction being set to take place at the end of this fiscal period, it doesn’t seem as though the mega-corporation has closed its pocketbook just yet.

In a new conversation with Cnet, Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella spoke a bit about the Bethesda acquisition and what it means for the company in the future. Nadella said that he believes software will be vital for Microsoft moving forward. As such, even though Bethesda has been brought aboard and now grows Xbox Games Studio to 23 teams in total, Nadella doesn’t seem to look at this as the final acquisition that Microsoft will ever make.

“We’ll always look for places where there is that commonality of purpose, mission and culture,” Nadella acknowledged while calling back to the history that Bethesda and Microsoft have had in the past. “We will always look to grow inorganically where it makes sense.”

The thought that Microsoft still isn’t done adding teams to its Xbox Game Studios banner is quite staggering, especially considering that it has already added seven other studios (and established one more) since 2018. Still, considering how much the Microsoft is worth and how much capital the corporation had on-hand at any given time, further acquisitions don’t seem to be out of reach by any means.

In other news, the Xbox Series X and S went up for pre-order this morning. Unfortunately for some, it seems as though they might have snagged the wrong console at checkout.