Xbox Japan GM Discusses Power Differences Between Xbox One and PS4, Importance of Exclusive Games

Xbox Japan GM Discusses Power Differences Between Xbox One and PS4, Importance of Exclusive Games

The power difference between Xbox One and PS4 has been a topic of discussion for a while, but now that Microsoft’s new console has been launched in Japan, the local Xbox General Manager Takashi Sensui weighed on it during an interview on the Japanese site AV Watch.

Sensui-san stars by admitting that he’s aware that in titles released overseas there has been a degree of difference in graphics with the PS4 version. However, from his point of view that’s not just because of the performance limits of the Xbox One, and that kind of judgement call has to be made by the developer when creating a game.  Yet, Sensui-san thinks that for future titles it’ll be possible to make  games on Xbox One with a visual quality that will satisfy everyone. It took some time to get there, but there are no problems for the future on that front.

Secondly, he mentions that the quality of the graphics isn’t everything. While high quality video does increase immersion, even if there’s no difference there the features of Xbox One and Xbox Live are also important. For example the Xbox One can make use of the resources of the cloud, and by taking advantage of that it can offer the best products.

Sensui-san also pitches the features you experience before and after playing a game, the speed and quality of online matchmaking, and the smooth and quick dashboard.

He finally mentions that he thinks that the controller is the best, and when you sum all those factors together, he is confident that Xbox One is the best environment to play.

Sensui-san also talked about the importance of exclusives, admitting that they are a very important element in for the success of a console. However, the resources necessary to develop high-end games have become much larger, so providing most of the top games as multiplatform has become a somewhat  of a necessity for both the industry and the customers. Limiting many games to a single platforms is simply not feasible for the industry because of the situation of the market.

Of course Sensui-san admitted that he’d love to see every game as “only on Xbox,” but considering the growth of the gaming industry as a whole, a shift to multiplatform is inevitable.  Despite that, besides first party titles, even with third party ones you can experience features exclusive to Xbox One, like Kinect and Smartglass, and the quality of Xbox Live.

In addition to that, Sensui-san explains that there’s a great potential in indie games nowadays, and since there are many exclusive titles coming through the ID@Xbox program, there’s a chance of a hit there.

Author’s take: Personally, and I know many will disagree, I don’t mind the market’s shift towards multiplatform games one bit. I always felt that our hobby should be inclusive, and not exclusive. The more people get to experience great games, the better, but that’s just me.