XBox LIVE Labs Needs Your Help

on March 11, 2011 7:00 PM

XBox LIVE Labs Needs Your Help

A new optional program is being rolled out to help improve XBox LIVE, appropriately called “XBox LIVE Labs”. Although they want help testing this, Microsoft wants to stress that this is entirely optional. If you want to help, just sign into XBox LIVE, head to the community channel and open the “XBox LIVE Labs” panel. Download the testing app and you’re set. While you’re running XBox LIVE Labs you’ll be unable to participate in online gaming, watching movies or downloading music and your connection may be slower while it’s running, so just be prepared for that.

The testing runs from March 10-17, and upon completion of certain tests you’ll receive an achievement worth zero points and an exclusive Avatar Award. There are three of each, and the full Avatar set is a lab coat, goggles and “mad scientist” hair that very closely resembles Gene Wilder in Young Frankenstein.

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