Xbox Live Moves Further Onto the iPhone With Wordament

It’s something I never expected to see, Xbox Live on an iPhone, and when I heard about it, I had to try it for myself I was so skeptical, but there it is. You may not have heard of Wordament, a Microsoft take on the classic word search games, but inside this geeky Trojan horse is Xbox Live, along with your friends list and leaderboards, along with the ability to earn achievements. While Xbox SmartGlass brought the ability to see friends and such, this is the first time we’ve seen Microsoft integrate with an iPhone game.

It was shocking enough to see Microsoft openly cooperating with Apple before, including showing off SmartGlass at E3 on an iPad, but this continued collusion is almost creepy. For decades the PC world was dominated by the Apple vs Microsoft rivalry, or more specifically their fanboys rivalry. With even Google Maps being allowed back onto the iPhone, perhaps Apple is more open to cooperation in the post-Jobsian era.

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