Xbox LIVE’s Mass Effect 2 Themed Sale

Xbox LIVE’s Mass Effect 2 Themed Sale


This week’s Xbox LIVE Deal of the Week sees four items relating to Mass Effect 2 going on sale. The almost 9 month old game can now be expanded upon relatively cheaply with new content and avatar gear. This could also be seen as a pretty good distraction from the PlayStation 3 release of Mass Effect 2 which coming this January.

Below are the virtual products that have gone on sale:

New levels, exciting Hammerhead missions, and new achievements for only 400 Microsoft Points ($5).

Kasumi Stolen Memory
Infiltrate the vault of a deadly master criminal, now only 400 Microsoft points ($5) for Gold Members.

Mass Effect 2 Suit
Wear the iconic Mass Effect 2 armor of Commander Shepard, now only 160 Microsoft points ($2).

Mass Effect 2 Helmet
Grab Commander Shepard’s helmet for your avatar for only 80 Microsoft Points ($1).

Remember, they’re only on sale for this week. You have 6 more days!