New Xbox Mobile App is Live on Android With Xbox One Remote Play

New Xbox Mobile App is Live on Android With Xbox One Remote Play

Microsoft has officially released the newest version of the Xbox app on mobile, including the ability to remote play Xbox One games.

With Microsoft gearing up to launch both the Xbox Series X and Series S this November, the company has been not only preparing to debut its new next-gen hardware, but also making broader changes across the Xbox ecosystem. Notably, this includes Xbox’s app across computers, tablets, and smartphones, with Microsoft having officially released its reimagined mobile app for everyone on Android devices.

Microsoft has officially released the newest iteration of the Xbox mobile app, which features a major overhaul of the app’s design and interface, and brings several new features into the app ahead of the Series X/Series S launch. Most notably, the new version of the Xbox app allows all users on Android devices to remote play their Xbox One games, which was previously accessible only to Xbox Insiders. Likewise, the new app also features the ability to setup a Series X or Series S console, which will likely make the transition to the new systems a little easier when they launch in November.

Earlier in the year, Microsoft gave a new look at what the dashboard and UI experience will be like on the Series X, along with other compatible devices using the app. From what Microsoft showed, the company is aiming for a seamless, integrated experience across devices, with the Xbox mobile app offering the ability to check your friends list and notifications, and manage your game library on-the-go. Additionally, the app will also play into the updated sharing features of the Series X and Series S, which will let players quickly post screenshots and gameplay clips from their console to their mobile devices on social media.

The Xbox app is now available on Android devices, but it’s unclear just yet if (or when) the app will be updated for iOS users.