Xbox One 10% Upgrade Won’t Be announced; Both PS4 and Xbox Have Room for Improvement, Insider Claims

on January 4, 2014 1:33 PM

Earlier in the week there were reports sparked by industry insider Ashan Rasheed (also known as Thuway) that said that the Xbox One is about to receive a 10% performance upgrade due to optimized drivers.

Today Rasheed clarified on Twitter that if you’re waiting for an explicit announcement about that, it’s probably not going to happen, and both consoles have plenty room for optimization that will lead to an increase of visual fidelity over time.

I should make some clarifications since I just read an article explicitly stating Microsoft will increase performance of X1 by 10%.

Alot of what is going behind the scenes for both X1 and PS4 is driver optimizations. Similar to how you update drivers on PC’s. There is a ton of room for improvement on both machines and drivers will be optimized till the end of the generation.

No one will yell off a rooftop that performance has improved thanks to driver updates. These are things that are happening all the time.

Current state of both machines has a good room for improvement, and those fruits will manifest themselves in the months to come. The combination of better drivers, tools, and engine optimizations – will all lead to better visual fidelity. But if you are sitting at the edge of your seat waiting for the announcement about a “driver” performance update- It won’t happen.

Rasheed pretty much always had a good track record with his sources, and his leaks have been proven right most of the times. I honestly can’t remember announcements related to improvements of performance due to driver optimization during the last generation, so it makes sense that we won’t see any during this generation as well.

That said, competition is a lot more open and pitched this time around, so you never know.

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