Xbox One Aimed to Core Gamers in Japan; Will Launch After PS4 to Provide Features and Content

Xbox One Aimed to Core Gamers in Japan; Will Launch After PS4 to Provide Features and Content

This early morning Microsoft Japan held a press conference to introduce its plans for the local launch of the Xbox One, which will happen on September 4th. During the final Q&A session of the conference Xbox Japan’s head honcho Takashi Izumi was drilled by the journalists in attendance for further information. 

Izumi-san mentioned that the most important target for the console in Japan is core gamers, as the Xbox one provide great gameplay value with focus on games. There’s also a sub-target associated with games and bordering on entertainment values, which should satisfy gadget lovers.

Yet the console will provide lifestyle and entertainment apps, and for the first time for Microsoft Japan, applications that aim to make daily life better. Which is why Izumi expect the Xbox One to be first purchased by gamers, which will then share the experience with family and friends, who will also enjoy the entertainment and TV features.

Izumi-san was also asked a rather blunt question, about what the causes of a delayed launch compared to the PS4 are, and whether those were seen as necessary to beat the PS4 in Japan.

While he kind of tiptoed around the question, he mentioned that the delay was decided in order to add features that will “delight” users, and get all the content ready, including voice commands in Japanese. It was deemed important to offer content that the Japanese audience would enjoy and new experiences in line with the local needs.

The journalist attempted to press Izumi-san further, stressing on the upcoming confrontation with the PS4, but Izumi-san held his ground by mentioning that the Xbox One is selling much faster than the Xbox 360 did, so they had to prepare the right content that people would enjoy.

One thing is for sure: September 10th will be a very interesting day for the Xbox One in Japan, as it’ll mark the release of the first Media Create charts including Microsoft’s new console. We’ll have to stand by and see if it’ll do better than many expect.

[Report by Masaru Aoyama]