Xbox One: At Least 32 Unannounced Games Revealed by Japanese Developer List

Xbox One: At Least 32 Unannounced Games Revealed by Japanese Developer List

Today Microsoft Japan released a list of developers and publishers that have registered to develop games for Xbox One, and that quite impressive list hides an even more impressive piece of information: only a few of those developers and publishers have already announced their games, meaning that there are quite a few brewing behind the scenes and yet unknown.

Below you can see the list of studios, with those that haven’t yet announced a title for Xbox One bolded.

  • Arc System Works
  • Artdink
  • Access Games
  • Acquire
  • Altus
  • Intergrow
  • Experience
  • SNK Playmore
  •  Electronic Arts
  • Kadokawa Games
  •  Capcom
  • Gung Ho Online Entertainment
  • Qute
  •  Grounding
  • G.rev
  • Klon
  • Cave
  • Genki
  • Tecmo Koei
  • Codemasters
  •  Konami
  • CyberConnect2
  • CyberStep
  • Silicon Studio
  • Zoo 
  •  Square Enix
  •  Spike Chunsoft (Publishing The Witcher 3 in Japan)
  •  SEGA
  •  Tango Gameworks
  •  2K Games
  • Take 2
  • D3 Publisher
  • Triangle Service
  • Nippon Ichi Software
  • Hamster
  • Bandai Namco Games
  • BusinessPartner
  • From Software
  •  Bethesda Softworks
  • Marvelous AQL
  • MAGES.
  • Moss
  • Yukes
  •  Ubisoft
  •  Land Ho!
  • LEVEL-5
  •  Warner Bros. Entertainment

While we recover from the shock of seeing devs with an extremely solid PlayStation tradition like Nippon Ichi jump on the Xbox One ship, we can easily count that 32 of the studios listed haven’t yet announced the games they’re planning to develop for the console.

Considering at least one game each, this means that there are at least 32 unannounced games coming to Microsoft’s new consoles down the line.

Of course this doesn’t mean that all those games will be exclusives (most probably won’t be), and it doesn’t mean that all of them are completely new, as quite a few of them could be ports of already existing games (for instance it’s hard not to think that From Software may be planning to port over the rumored next generation version of Dark Souls II), but there’s doubtlessly a whole lot of potential in that list.

Will Xbox One manage to be more successful in Japan than its not exactly beloved (at least locally) predecessor? It’s way too early to know, but at least it seems to have solid developer support.