Xbox One Exclusive Crakdown 3’s City Has a “Wonderful Sense of Space and Place,” Is “Massive”

Xbox One Exclusive Crakdown 3’s City Has a “Wonderful Sense of Space and Place,” Is “Massive”

During a podcast released today, the Crackdown 3 development team talked about how they’re building the city that will serve as a setting for the game.

We learn that different areas of the city will have very distinctive looks depending on who lives in them, even more than in previous games. For instance, if you move through the areas in which the bad guys are, you’ll notice it in the buildings and in the architecture. On the other hand, there are also city-wide buildings and systems like the metro system and the power system, that the player will be able to interact with, providing “an entirely new experience.”

Different areas will not only have a different style and architecture, but also a very distinct population. Playing through the game will let you experience a whole range of different “structural spaces,” a sense of demographic change and a sense of change in the power. There will be more “environmental storytelling” than in the previous games.

In order to give the city a more realistic feel, it has been built in chronological order. The developers create the older architecture first, and then layered on the most recent architecture on top of it. That creates a “wonderful sense of space and place.” It also gives the player a real understanding of where the bad guys are and of the consequences of their presence.

There will be moving platforms, huge elevators going up and down along the sides of buildings, monorails moving on their tracks. They create paths, but the player might have to wait for them to align. There will also be fast moving objects that the player can interact with, but they will also interact with the player, throwing him about the place.

The team has also worked on understanding the consequences of ripping off objects from the buildings and use them to cause mayhem, like taking a transformer from a roof and throwing it, and then shooting at it. They trued to layer in as many “toys” as possible that the player can use in creative ways.

The new city is much bigger in layout than that of the first game and “massive in scale,” while retaining the familiar vistas.