Xbox One Exclusive Quantum Break: Remedy on a Hiring Spree to Create “Awesome Visual Effects” and More

on December 29, 2014 3:16 PM

The visually stunning Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break is expected to release next year, and developer Remedy Entertainment is switching gear in the usual way developers do when they enter the last few months of development: by going on a hiring spree to bring more manpower to bear on the game.

The studio published eight career opportunity ads explicitly for Quantum Break, showing a definite acceleration towards the goal line.

Two of the ads are related to a critical area of Quantum Break, visual effects, and seek a VFX Programmer and a VFX Artist.

Do you live for creating awesome visual effects? Want to constantly challenge what’s possible in the world of real-time graphics? Want to drop some jaws? Would you like to work with a world class team who can actually make this happen? If so, we want to hear from you!

The ads mention the ability to “create believable natural phenomena like fire, dust, fluids, pyrotechnics and explosions as well as more abstract effects to convey essential gameplay concepts such as time manipulation and distortions,” and the use of several tools like Nuke, After Effects, Houdini, FumeFX and Thinking Particles. Remedy seems to really be pulling all the stops to make the game as visually stunning as possible.

Another ad seeks a Lead Environment Artist:

We are looking for a great artist who wants to create visually stunning and industry-leading game worlds. Ideally, you have a strong understanding of composition, form, shape, volume and structure, as well as an excellent eye for light, shade and color. You are able to provide creative direction and to steer environment art production with feedback and example. You know how to work within a team and to lead one. Understanding pacing and large scale game worlds is a must.

The mention of “large scale game worlds” is definitely interesting, as we haven’t seen much of the scale of Quantum Break‘s world, and the gameplay reveal showcased a fairly linear and scripted level.

The animation department gets some love as well, with a Cinematic Animator and a Gameplay Animator:

Do you have a passion for great character animation? Do you have what it takes to define the medium? Would you like to work with the team who can actually make this happen? If so, we want to hear from you! The ideal candidate has a strong understanding of animation principles and has an eye for detail and taste for great animation.

The use of motion capture is mentioned in both ads, and we learn that the project involves Havok Behavior, which is part of Havok’s animation studio.

The game’s UI also gets some attention, with the aim of making it “great looking, smooth and frictionless.”

Are you passionate about user experiences – do you find satisfaction in being able to get the UI, not just great looking, but smooth and frictionless? Are you a designer with great ability to step in to the shoes of a user and to look at the UI Designs from user’s point of view? Our ideal candidate is all that, plus a highly skilled graphical designer and a passionate gamer. We expect you to have a great ability to make complex seem clear and simple and to guide the eye of the user to see what’s important at any given time.

Finally, the studio is also hiring a Producer, a QA tester and a Junior QA tester, indicating that the project has reached a stage in which more through testing is required as release draws closer.

Looks like things are being set in motion at Remedy, and hopefully we’ll see more of the game soon. A lot of it is still being held closely under wraps, but we’re now about to enter its release year, and it’s about time for the curtain to raise.

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