Xbox One Exclusive Quantum Break’s Time Powers Detailed

Xbox One Exclusive Quantum Break’s Time Powers Detailed

During a behind closed doors presentation of Quantum Break, Creative Director Sam Lake explained how the game’s time powers work.

Time powers are represented by icons on the right side of the screen (even if the HUD is currently work-in-progress). Each has its own resource bar, that is depleted when you use it, and recharges over time.

There are multiple time powers that the player gains as he progresses through the game and as the protagonist’s powers grow.

Lake also presented five different powers among those included in the player’s arsenal.

  • Time Blast: it breaks time in a focused area with destructive results.
  • Time Rush: it allows running while time is frozen, escaping mortal danger.
  • Time Dodge: a quick dash out of harm’s way.
  • Time Shield: a protective bubble that can deflect bullets.
  • Time Stop: freezes time in a focused area, including opponents and objects.