Xbox One Exclusive Scalebound’s Dragons Explained; Platinum Discusses Relationship with Microsoft

Xbox One Exclusive Scalebound’s Dragons Explained; Platinum Discusses Relationship with Microsoft

One of the most mysterious games currently in development is Platinum Games’ Xbox One Exclusive Scalebound, which i still being kept closely under wraps even during Tokyo Game Show.

Director Hideki Kamiya and Producer Atsushi Inaba talked a bit about the basic concepts behind the game and about the relationship with Microsoft in an interview on the Japanese site Game Watch.

Kamiya-san explained that the initial concept was to make a game in which powerful and huge monsters do battle on each other, and that’s still the most important pillar. He feels that there are several elements now. It’s made for those that want battles between monsters wielding great power, for gamers that like fantasy settings, and for those that like dragons.

Since Kamiya-san loves dragons, he wanted to make a game in which they played a major role. Scalebound fulfills that wish, and he wants it to be a game that fans of dragons can enjoy.

He also explained that he wants to represent the bonds between a mighty creature like a dragon and a small human, not only through the gameplay, but also through the story, as that relationship deepens.

He could not answer on how the two will communicate, as it’s related to the game’s mechanics which aren’t ready to be disclosed, but he doesn’t want to represent dragons like a tool or a pet to attack, but like an actual life form.

Inaba-san also explained that Unreal Engine 4 was chosen to create the game since it’s on a new hardware, so there’s an huge amount of new elements to tackle. That’s why they decided to go with UE4.

Kamiya-san also mentioned that it’s exciting and fun to the Xbox One, and it’s always like that when working on new hardware. He feels right at home because it’s not the first time that Platinum works on new hardware, and they’re experienced in the process.

Inaba-san on the other hand is impressed with the level of support received from a high level partner like Microsoft. That partnership is the most exciting thing for him, and working with Microsoft studio is a really stimulating experience.