Xbox One Final Fantasy Type-0 Misses the Top 50; Battlefield Hardline Manages, as PS4 Dominates Japan

Xbox One Final Fantasy Type-0 Misses the Top 50; Battlefield Hardline Manages, as PS4 Dominates Japan

Japan is proving to be a very tough market for the Xbox One. Today Media Create released its full top 50 software chart for the week between March 16th and March 22nd. Unexpectedly the version for Microsoft’s console of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD failed to appear in the rankings, despite the fact that the PS4 version grabbed the top of the charts with 92,094 units sold.

According to Media Create the two version sold about 93,000 units combined, with puts the Xbox One version in the realm of 1,000 units moved.

That said, the top 50 chart does have an Xbox One presence this month, and that’s Battlefield Hardline, that only managed a third place on PS4 with 68,823 units sold, while the PS3 version moved 28,976 and grabbed a seventh place. The Xbox One version settled itself in 41st place. The total sales across all platforms are about 101,000, which means that the the game sold roughly 3,200 copies on Xbox One and Xbox 360 combined, with the Xbox One version taking the lion’s (more like kitten’s I guess) share, since the 360 version did not make the chart at all.

Resident Evil: Revelations 2 was not sold at all on Xbox 360 in Japan, and failed to make the top 50 on Xbox One. It grabbed a 2nd place (with 73,373 copies sold) on PS3 and a furth on PS4 (with 42,358 units moved). Total sales were 117,000, which means that the Xbox One version sold around 1,300 copies.

This seems to confirm the trend that Japanese Xbox One fans seem to have purchased the console mostly for western experiences, while they don’t seem very interested in playing their own local games on it. The Western-made Battlefield Hardline largely outsold both Final Fantasy and Resident Evil on the platform, despite the fact that both the losing franchises are way more popular in Japan than Battlefield.

On the home console front, the PS4 seem to have found its stride, with 46,395 units sold during the week. This actually places it above the 3DS and new 3DS combined, which sold 28,704 units.

  1. PS4 – 46,395
  2. Vita – 20,923
  3. New 3DS LL – 17,652
  4. Wii U – 7,595
  5. New 3DS -6,566
  6. PS3 – 6,352
  7. 3DS -2,371
  8. 3DS LL – 2,115
  9. Vita TV – 639
  10. Xbox One – 344

It would be interesting to know how many of the PS4’s sizable sale figures are due to Final Fantasy Type-0 HD’s special edition console, but that kind of data was not disclosed. Next week we’ll see Bloodborne‘s sales figures, and the PS4 is likely to get a nice boost then as well.