Limited Edition Battlefield V Xbox One Gets Air-Dropped to US Navy Veteran

Limited Edition Battlefield V Xbox One Gets Air-Dropped to US Navy Veteran

Xbox and Operation Supply Drop deliver a limited edition Xbox One to a US Navy veteran with a little help from extreme sports star Travis Pastrana.

With only mere hours left until the release of the much-anticipated Battlefield V, extreme sports professional and total adrenaline junkie Travis Pastrana has taken to the skies for a touching mission on behalf of Xbox and Operation Supply Drop.

Operation Supply Drop is an organization which specializes in enhancing the lives of those who served in the US military through community integration and support.

In the short video, which can be viewed below, we are introduced to Jeff Bartrom, a retired Navy corpsman who is also a part of Operation Supply Drop as he details how video games played an integral part in his road to recovery.

We are then whisked away 13,000 feet into the air where daredevil Travis Pastrana is lacing his boots in the cargo hold of a plane. He unboxes a limited edition Xbox One with a unique orange and black exterior which is designed to coincide with the release of Battlefield V. With the device held firmly in his hands, he tosses himself out of the plane. He then spends 55 seconds freefalling while spinning and rotating in mid-air.

When Travis pulls the chord on his parachute, he glides gracefully earthwards and lands on Jeff Bartrom’s doorstep. He hands the console to the delighted veteran and thanks him for his service.

Battlefield V will be available tomorrow on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC tomorrow. It will feature a massive Day 1 patch.