Xbox One Gets its First Price Drop in Europe; Titanfall Bundle Announced

on February 24, 2014 10:11 AM

Some pretty significant news is coming out of the Microsoft camp this morning. We’ve learned that not only is a limited edition Titanfall fall bundle coming out but that this bundle will bring the Xbox One’s first price drop.

The European Titanfall bundle will include an Xbox One, Titanfall, the Kinect, a controller, a headset and a month of Xbox Live Gold membership. It will come in at £399.99. Normally the Xbox One sells for £429.99. The North American Titanfall bundle will include everything that the European one does sans the price drop.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Xbox UK managing director Harvey Eagle said that this price drop is not in response to the Xbox One’s sales but is intended to capitalize on the launch of Titanfall. While the Xbox One has been selling well over in Europe, it is still being outsold by Sony’s rival console, the PlayStation 4.

A price drop coming this early after the system’s launch is pretty significant. Although it is just for Europe at this time, it wouldn’t be surprising to see similar price drops worldwide. The fact is that the Xbox One is not selling as much as the PS4 and MS will soon have to take steps to move systems. A price drop would definitely entice those who are on the fence to buy an Xbox One.

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