Xbox One in Japan will Coordinate Your Clothes, Teach You Golf and Deliver Your Pizza

Xbox One in Japan will Coordinate Your Clothes, Teach You Golf and Deliver Your Pizza

Microsoft Japan released a list of the Xbox One apps which will be available at the console’s launch on September 4th. Many of them are similar to the western versions of the console, but some are rather peculiar, and definitely very specific to the Japanese market.

  • Internet Explorer
  • WEAR
  • Xbox Video
  • Xbox Fitness
  • Karaoke@DAM
  • GoPro
  • J.League Video Archives
  • Skype
  • Tani Masaki Golf Academy (Tentative Name)
  • TED
  • Demae-Can
  • Twitch
  • Nico Nico (Tentative Name)
  • Machinima
  • U.M.U Your Local Idol Walker
  • Rakuten Group App (Tentative Name)
  • Rakuten SHOWTIME for Xbox One
  • OneDrive

WEAR is a fashion coordination app, it includes most popular brands of clothing and accessories and is compatible with Kinect.

Karaoke@DAM is bound to the popular Club DAM Karaoke chain, and it features over 100,000 songs. It’s also compatible with Kinect and allows you to post your videos via the “Dam Friends” service.

The J.League Video Archives include videos of Japanese soccer since 1993, including the best goals and content on Japanese players in overseas teams.

Tani Masaki Golf Academy also supports Kinect, and will basically give users golf lessons and help them learn the correct form without moving from home. Golf in Japan is actually quite a lot more popular than many think, and in Tokyo there are several indoors golf facilities. There has even been a period in which having golf gloves tan lines on your hands was considered quite “en vogue.”

Demae-Can is the app of one of Japan’s most popular home delivery portals, including 11,482 shops that can deliver pizza and all kinds of cousine. It includes information like menus and delivery times.

U.M.U Your Local Idol Walker is an app dedicated to “gotochi Idols,” which are a peculiarly Japanese kind of celebrities strongly localized in a certain area or neighborhood. The app will provide exclusive videos and gossip information.

Rakuten SHOWTIME is a video service, while the Rakuten Group App promises comfortable online shopping directly from the TV screen.

During a recent press conference, the local Xbox head Takashi Izumi mentioned that Microsoft selected apps that could help improve the users’ lifestyle. I’m not sure if those listed above hit quite that mark, but some are definitely interesting.