Xbox One Indie Games Likely Arriving March 2014

Xbox One Indie Games Likely Arriving March 2014

In an interview with Edge, ID@Xbox director Chris Charla has said that Xbox One owners can expect the first wave of indie titles via the ID@Xbox program to arrive by the end of Q1 2014.

 “I think it will be early in the New Year, in the first three months… I would say closer to the third month.”

Charla doesn’t commit to a specific amount of games available during the first wave, stating “it’s hard to say, because they’re still in development.”

According to Charla, development of ID@Xbox games has been ongoing for months, developers started developing some games for the Xbox One, while others “already had games in development and are working on Xbox One versions.”

Charla also briefly comments on the conditions and content standards laid out by the ID@Xbox website for what developers can and can’t build for the Xbox Games Store. What he didn’t comment on, is on Microsoft’s controversial parity policy, which states that ID@Xbox games must launch on Xbox One at the same time another platforms.

Microsoft’s overall vision, Charla emphasized is that developers “at all levels” of experience can have the ability to create something via the ID@Xbox program.