Xbox One Is Officially Two Years Old: Happy Birthday Xbox One!

Xbox One Is Officially Two Years Old: Happy Birthday Xbox One!

Xbox One launched in its tier one markets on November 22nd, 2013, with big midnight launch parties on both sides of the Atlantic, in London, New York and more.

In Europe, where the console launched a few hours before North America, it’s already past midnight, meaning that the console is now officially two years old.

While sales were strong out of the gate with one million consoles sold in one day, momentum seemed a big sluggish compared to the competition, mostly due to the initial pre-launch marketing. The console were supposed to launch with feature that resulted unwelcome among many users, then removed from Microsoft’s plans following a rather violent backlash.

Since then, Phil Spencer took the reins of the Xbox Division, leading the charge to strengthen the game line-up and the feature set. He also radically steered the console back into a gaming focus, whereas the discarded initial plans seemed to be focused on more broader entertainment.

Two years have passed, and the outlook appears to be definitely positive, with a very strong line-up for the current Holiday season and beyond, and the New Xbox One Experience that revolutionized the dashboard with Windows 10 integration and brought the massively anticipated Xbox 360 backward compatibility.

If you want to reminisce on the console’s launch, you can see the New York count down and a montage below.

In wishing the Xbox One happy second birthday, we can definitely say that it has made great strides in the past two years.