Xbox One Japanese Exclusive is “From an Awesome Studio;” Something “Never Seen Before” to Be Shown at TGS

Xbox One Japanese Exclusive is “From an Awesome Studio;” Something “Never Seen Before” to Be Shown at TGS

Microsoft Game Studios Honcho has been teasing one or more Japanese Xbox One exclusives for a while, and during the Game Developers Conference he gave some more information about it after Kris Graft’s fireside chat, as reported by Famitsu.

 I’m very excited about the announcement of the release window in Japan. An unique exclusive title for Xbox One is going to be released by an awesome Japanese studio.

It’s interesting that the term used to define the studio is “subarashī,” which is basically the highest praise you can express in Japanese. That definitely seems to indicate a major developer.

Spencer then continued by talking about what we can expect from Microsoft at Tokyo Game Show.

I’m looking forward to go to Tokyo Game Show this year, and I want to show everyone something never seen before. Stay tuned!

Microsoft definitely seems to be stepping on the gas of exclusives. Spencer himself mentioned on Twitter today that he considers them very important for the success of the platform, promising that more will come.

Yes. Exclusives are critical to platform success.

Tokyo Game Show isn’t the only trade show to which Microsoft seems to be planning to bring the big guns. Spencer explained that they have so much to show at E3 that something had to be moved out of the conference.

Yes, I think you’ll see very few execs. We are already over our 90 minute time limit and having to move stuff out of show:

The Xbox One will be released in Japan this September, which means that whatever will be announced at Tokyo Game show probably won’t be a local launch title (Tokyo Game Show begins on September 18th).

The only indication we have at the moment about the possible nature of the mysterious title developed by the “awesome Japanese studio” are rumors naming Platinum Games, but nothing has been confirmed either by Platinum or by Microsoft itself.