Xbox One May Software Update Beta Now Available for Download: Improves Kinect and More

Xbox One May Software Update Beta Now Available for Download: Improves Kinect and More

The preview beta for the May Xbox One software update has now been made available for download by Microsoft, and it brings quite a few updates, as shared by the OS team on the private preview forums:


We have started to deploy the latest update for you to preview: 1405 (xb_rel_1405. 10938.0.140429-2200). Consoles that are in standby mode will be able to install the update starting at 4:00PM PDT on May 2nd. If you want it right away, feel free to use the new System Updates button! Simply check Settings>System, and if you see System update, click it to start your update. Consoles that have not received the update in standby mode or via the manual update button by 1:00AM PDT on May 4th will be prompted to install the update when they connect to Xbox Live.

Let’s take a look at some of the changes and fixes you’ll be seeing in the coming update!

Improvements and Fixes

Several improvements to Kinect gesture controls, including better tracking of hands, fingers, and a user’s head.

Updates to the Kinect IR blasting feature to address reported issues, resulting in better control over certain devices.

Underlying OS changes required to enable planned 1405 features.

New Additions

Snap and Kinect Audio Controls. We know you loved the brief view of the UI for this feature in the last wave, but it wasn’t quite ready. It’s now ready for everyone to give it a go! Adjust the volume differences between apps when you have one open in Snap, or adjust how much softer the audio is made when using Kinect for communication.

Opt-In to help us improve Speech Recognition. We’re always looking to make Kinect Voice Recognition more accurate, and the more voices we have to fine tune our algorithms, the better it can be! As such, we’ve added an option under Settings>Privacy & Online Safety>Customizing privacy and online safety titled Share Voice Data. Setting this to “Allow” will send allow to use your voice data to make Kinect Voice Recognition better.

Test the System Update button! Now that the System Update button is available, we hope you’ll put it to use as new updates become available in this Wave! Try it out, and let us know of any issues you run into.


Looks like a smaller, but interesting update if you like Kinect, and the system update button is definitely a Godsend.

The “Underlying OS changes required to enable planned 1405 features” part actually indicates that there’s more than this planned for the May update, but those features will be added at a later stage of the beta.

As usual you should remember that the software update preview is a beta, and it can and probably will include glitches that may or may not hamper your gaming experience (last month’s definitely did). Do keep in mind that you participate to the program at your own risk, considering that you’re taking up the responsibility to help improve the update for everyone else, and you’re not just getting a free sneak peek on the future Xbox One features.

Update: Reddit user  Otters4455 also reports that it’s now possible to clear local saves from the System menu of the Xbox One.