Xbox One: Microsoft Claims that Cloud Computing Can Provide Power of 3 Xbox Ones, 32 Xbox 360s

Xbox One: Microsoft Claims that Cloud Computing Can Provide Power of 3 Xbox Ones, 32 Xbox 360s

Microsoft re-introduced the Xbox One to the Japanese audience today during a series of livestreamed stage events at the Nico Nico Chokaigi 3 festival at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba, near Tokyo.

Considering the results of the Xbox 360 in Japan, Microsoft is facing an uphill battle to sell the console to local gamers, and isn’t afraid to make bold claims to bolster its guns.


During the stage event the Microsoft Japan representative claimed that the Xbox One has roughly eight time the computational power of an Xbox 360, but that’s not all, as combining the the local machine with the cloud, the computational juice of roughly three Xbox ones units ccould be used.

After explaining with examples how this can be beneficial in games, for instance for handling the AI, the representative continued by saying that combining the cloud and the local machine the computational power of 32 Xbox 360 console could be reached.




It’s relevant to mention that the representative talked about computing power, not graphical fidelity, but it’s still a definitely bold and intriguing claim. I’m definitely interested in seeing if Redmond’s software giant will manage to back it up in future applications.

In order to get a deeper understanding of the claims, we have reached out to Microsoft asking for a comment, and we’ll keep you updated if we receive any relevant information.


As a funny note of color, part of the Japanese audience watching online on Nico Nico Doga found the statement pretty amusing, as you can see by the comments overlayed in the picture below. For those unfamiliar with Japanese internet lingo “w” is their equivalent of our “lol.”

It’s worth mentioning that the Nico Nico audience is always quite caustic and sarcastic, so this isn’t too surprising.