Xbox One Retail Version of Battlefield 4 Will Still Run at 720p, 60 FPS, EA Representative Confirms (UPDATED)

Xbox One Retail Version of Battlefield 4 Will Still Run at 720p, 60 FPS, EA Representative Confirms (UPDATED)

UPDATE: The original article by Game*Spark was updated with the following: 

After the review of the product, during a Q&A session with the personnel at the DICE booth, we learned that the developer aims to have the same frame rate and resolution for the Xbox One and PS4 retail versions. We modified the contents of the article to match. Final specifications are unknown until officially published by EA DICE.

As stated at the bottom of the article, it’s always better to take what reps say with a grain of salt. Future Xbox One users, there’s till hope. 

Both the Xbox One and PS4 version of Battlefield 4 have been showcased running at 720p resolution and 60 FPS during trade shows, but as confirmed by Frostbite Technical Director Johan Andersson on Twitter, it runs at a higher resolution in the PS4 developer environment and the final resolution will be apparent when the game will launch (which, mind you, is not a confirmation that the retail PS4 version will run at a resolution over 720p. It just means that it’ll be optimized before launch, and then we’ll see).

Can Xbox One users planning to get the game hope for the same treatment? Apparently not, as confirmed by an “EA representative in charge” to the Japanese site Game*Spark, that got hands on time with the game at Eurogamer Expo.

According to said EA rep, the Xbox One retail version of the game will still run at 720p , 60 fps, the same as the alpha version showcased at Eurogamer Expo.

In addition to that Game*Spark’s writer mentions that graphics “look blurred and a little flat, probably due to lower resolution textures and somewhat worse lighting compared to the PC version”.

Not everything is negative though, as the writer mentions that he paid particular attention to the stability of the framerate during his hands-on time, and it was smooth. No remarkable frame rate drops were visible except during sudden changes of the point of view during crowded fights.

He concludes by saying that despite the flaws mentioned above he did not feel dissatisfied after standing in line for an hour to play ten minutes, and the feel of the game is exactly the same as the PC and PS4 version, so it’ll definitely be a “must buy” for those considering to buy the console.

That said, since I’ve learned to take what representatives on show floors say with a bit of a grain of salt, I sent a mail to our contacts at EA asking for further confirmation, and I’ll keep you posted if I receive anything noteworthy.