Xbox One S All-Digital Edition is a Disc-Less Version of the Console that will Reportedly Release in May

Xbox One S All-Digital Edition is a Disc-Less Version of the Console that will Reportedly Release in May

Microsoft seems like it could be ready to soon reveal the much-rumored disc-less version of the Xbox One S.

As we originally reported last November, rumors were swirling that Microsoft would be looking to release an Xbox One model in 2019 that wouldn’t contain a traditional disc drive. This disc-less Xbox One would be much cheaper than that of the Xbox One S and Xbox One X and would instead allow users to purchase their games in a digital-only format. Now, a new report has emerged that states this new console could be joining the Xbox One family sooner than you might think.

According to a new report from Windows Central, the codenamed “Xbox Maverick” will formally be called the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition. It’s a bit of a lengthy name, but it clearly gets the disc-less feature of the console across. Perhaps most surprising is that this report goes on to say that Microsoft is planning on opening pre-orders for the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition in April of this year with a formal release transpiring in early May.

As of now, the report doesn’t list a price of the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition but you’d have to imagine it will be much cheaper than the current models on the market. It’s also still unknown whether or not any other new features will come with the device or if it will simply be identical to an Xbox One S without the disc drive.

Of course, keep in mind per usual with these stories that none of this is confirmed as of this writing. That said, it has seemed likely that Microsoft would opt to test out this disc-less Xbox One, especially with the rise of Xbox Game Pass immediately giving players an expansive library of games to play. With GDC coming up in just a couple of weeks, it might make sense for Microsoft to make an announcement of sorts at the annual event in San Francisco.

With rumors also swirling that Microsoft is set to reveal its next-generation Xbox consoles at E3 2019, it seems like the hardware manufacturer might have a whole lot to share over the coming months. We’ll of course keep you posted as we hear more about this disc-less Xbox and its potential reveal in the future.