Xbox One S Consoles Appear on Ebay with a Hefty Premium After Stocks in the UK Sell Out

on August 4, 2016 7:18 AM

The Xbox One S 2TB launch edition has sold out in the UK, and you know what that means? Players are turning to Ebay to pick up the newly released console and are willing to pay way over retail price.

Some consoles have sold for as much as £550 – that’s a massive £200 over the retail asking price in the UK. Crazy.

If Microsoft doesn’t replenish the Xbox One S stocks soon, these prices could continue to soar. It remains unclear whether or not the Xbox One S has been hugely successful or Microsoft just severely underestimated the console’s sales.

The cheaper Xbox One S 500GB has yet to have its release date announced, but we do know that the system is launching in the US August 23.

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