Microsoft’s Latest App Allows You to Play PC Games on Your Xbox One

Microsoft’s Latest App Allows You to Play PC Games on Your Xbox One

Stream games or anything else from your PC to your Xbox One with the new Wireless Display app.

Microsoft continues to break down the barriers between consoles and PCs, now allowing you to play games you might have on your PC via an Xbox One in a rather nifty way.

The new Wireless Display app was released by Microsoft today on Xbox One and it allows you to stream content that you have on your PC directly to your Xbox One to then view on your TV. While the Wireless Display app is for all purposes other than just gaming, it will stream anything that appears on your PC to the Xbox One. So if you want to open up your Steam library, launch a game, and play it through your Xbox One, you can do that. Anything you want to do on your PC is basically just mirrored through your Xbox One.

Best of all, the Wireless Display app allows you to control your inputs on the screen with your Xbox One controller. As of now though, keyboard and mouse support has yet to be integrated into the Wireless Display app on Xbox One. Even though the Xbox One has recently gained the keyboard and mouse support for certain games, the Wireless Display app only works with an actual controller for the moment. Still, maybe Microsoft could add the support for actual PC devices in the future.

If you have a PC and Xbox One yourself and want to try this out for yourself, you should be able to right now. Below you can find a video from Tom Warren showing off just how simple and convenient it is to use.