Xbox One to Windows 10 Game Streaming Gets Official FAQ; Publishers Can Opt Out (But None Did So Far)

on June 16, 2015 6:51 AM

Today microsoft finally made streaming from Xbox One to Windows 10 PCs available to those that are both in the preview program for the console’s system software and in the insider beta of the upcoming operating system.

In order to help users understand how everything works, Program Manager Emily Hanson posted an official FAQ on the private preview forums, giving in-depth details on how everything works.

Before you check the FAQ out, I’d like to add that you should make sure that your Windows 10 is updated to version 10130 and your Xbox App is updated to version 5.6.11034, or it won’t work. In order to update the Xbox app you might need to re-download it from the store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which games will I be able to stream?  Is Kinect supported?

A: Most Xbox One games will be able to stream.  Some exceptions are Kinect titles and games requiring other special hardware not supported on the PC.

Q: So will all other games, besides Kinect titles and games requiring other special hardware, be supported for streaming?

A: Publishers will have the right to opt-out, but most titles will stream to the PC.  (As of Public Preview start there are no games/publishers who have explicitly opted out.)

Q: Is it only games that stream, or is it the whole console (mirroring)?  Is there anything that doesn’t stream?

A: The console experience is mirrored, so users will be able navigate Home and other apps.  Apps that playback protected content such as movies, TV shows or other video content with digital rights management will not stream to the PC.

Q: Is an Xbox Live Gold account required?

A: A user will need to have the same Xbox Live account configured on their Xbox One consoles and the Xbox on Windows 10 PCs. If a user wants to use Game Streaming to play multi-player enabled games, then an Xbox Live Gold subscription will be required.

Q: Are multiplayer and voice chat supported?

A: Yes, multiplayer and voice chat via Xbox One will be supported while game streaming. An Xbox Live Gold subscription is required to use online multiplayer functionality while game streaming. Voice chat with other players and party members is supported with Xbox and Windows-compatible microphones and headset devices.

Q: What kind of controllers can I use?

A: Currently, the controllers attached to a PC will need to support a wired USB connection. Use the Xbox One controller with your Windows 10 PC for the best experience.  Xbox 360 and Xbox licensed controllers can also be used.  Racing wheels & fight sticks are not supported at launch but we will continue to evaluate this for the future roadmap. Later this year, we’ll be delivering a Wireless Adapter that will let you use current Xbox controllers and future devices wirelessly on your PCs. The team will work to enable game streaming functionality to work with Xbox controllers connected via the new Wireless Adapter.

Q: Will keyboard/mouse be supported on PC for game streaming from Xbox One?

A: No, there is no support for using the PC’s keyboard & mouse to play controller based games being streamed from Xbox One. You will need a controller connected to your PC to use game streaming with Xbox One games.

Q: I’m using wireless connections and my experience is not great.  I have glitching/stuttering/lag and game streaming is not working well for me, what can I do to improve the experience?

A: Wired connections for your Xbox One and Windows 10 devices will provide the best quality and performance. Game streaming pushes the performance limits of many wireless networks and devices. Many factors play a role in good streaming performance including the router, number of devices connected, distance of your devices from the router as well as number of walls wireless signals have to pass through. A modern router and wireless adapter are recommended.  A router that supports 802.11AC or 802.11N and has 5Ghz band support will likely yield the best results.

If you are using wireless connectivity on your devices, more troubleshooting and tips can be found at

Q: Can I use Twitch or Game DVR while game streaming?

A: Due to technical constraints, Twitch and GameDVR will be disabled while game streaming and other users will not be able to use the Xbox One console to do something else. If your Windows 10 PC meets the requirements of GameDVR for Windows 10, you will be able to record epic moments from game streaming on your PC.

Q: Can I watch TV at the console while someone else is streaming a game?

A: Due to technical constraints, other users will not be able to use the Xbox One console to do something else. During game streaming the Xbox One console will appear “in use” as though the person streaming was in the room. An Xbox One console player can play with a streaming player by attaching a controller to the console, signing in, and joining the game if it supports local multiplayer.

Q: When I play certain games (e.g. Call of Duty, Thief), I can’t transition over to game streaming and need to restart my game – why does this happen?

A: A few games do not support dynamic controller reassignment.  This is a known issue and not something that can be addressed without an update to the game.

Q: Can I stream with multiple PCs?

A: You are free to use as many Win10 PCs as you like to stream games from your Xbox One, but only one PC can connect at a time.

Q: Can I play across screens – one user at the console and another streaming from a PC?

A: Yes. An Xbox One console player can play with a streaming player by attaching a controller to the console, signing in, and joining the game if it supports local multiplayer. Both players will see the same view on their screens.

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