Xbox One Wireless Display App Coming Today for Preview Members: Here’s How to Get It

Xbox One Wireless Display App Coming Today for Preview Members: Here’s How to Get It

The Xbox One’s Wireless Display option is going to be released today by Microsoft for Update Preview members, as mentioned on the private preview forums. The app allows Xbox One owners to project the screen of their favorite devices to their TV or monitor via the Xbox One by using Miracast.

As a matter of fact, it was already available, but due to a glitch, it was not set as free. Microsoft urged users not to buy it, and announced that a fix is coming today, actually making it available for free.

Update: the app is now available for free as intended.

The team explained how to get and use the app:

The Wireless Display app is here! This app that allows you to project your favorite device screen to your TV through the Xbox.

The Wireless Display app uses Miracast, which quite a few devices support to mirror or extend your screen, wirelessly. You may already have a device that you can project from, so give it a try!


You can get the Wireless Display app via the Quest titled “Extend your screen.” Start the quest to be taken to the Xbox Store page to start your download. Once it’s finished you can launch the quest again to launch the app and start working through the scenarios we’d love for you to try.


Launch the app, you will see your Xbox name on the screen, ready for a connection. Use your device interface to project your screen, mirror your screen or share your screen. Select your Xbox and voila!

If you need to change the name of your console, try using the app settings menu which has a link to your console’s settings and change the name there.


If you encounter a bug or issue while using the Wireless Display preview app, please use the Report a problem feature of the Preview Dashboard app. As a reminder, you can access this by holding your Xbox button on your controller and choose “Report a problem.”

Please include the device model and operating system version when providing feedback.


  • Projection of premium content is not supported. Projecting from apps like Netflix or Hulu+ will be blocked by your device as this is protected content.
  • Devices that enable HDCP protection at all times will not be able to project. like: Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, Note 2 and Sony Xperia Z Ultra.
  • In some instances you may need to remove your Console from your device’s display list in order to reconnect.
  • iOS devices do not support Miracast.

In order to use the app, you need to have your Xbox One updated to the latest version, which is  xb_rel_1505.150423-2200.

Of course, if you’re not a preview member, you won’t be able to access it just yet, and you’ll have to wait until the May update is released publicly.