Get a Second Controller Free with a New Xbox One X Purchase

Get a Second Controller Free with a New Xbox One X Purchase

People looking to dive into a new Xbox One X will get a bonus from the Microsoft Store: a second controller, perfect for co-op games.

Microsoft is no stranger to bundles — only last month, the Xbox manufacturer revealed that the mid-generation Xbox One S would be getting a new bundle that came packed in with the ever-popular PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds. While this pack-in is only available for the Xbox One S, Microsoft is now offering a new incentive for those picking up a new Xbox One X from the Microsoft Store: a free controller.

Obviously all gaming consoles come packed-in with a controller, so we aren’t talking about this one. Instead, this is a bonus controller that should save local multiplayer fans a cool $60. Purchasers won’t get an option of the controller — however — so don’t go in expecting the newly-revealed Combat Tech controller or the fan-favorite Sea of Thieves controller.

While this generation hasn’t been the best for local co-op, there are some terrific games in the near horizon boasting local co-op. These includes DualShockers’ favorite indie game of last yearCuphead, which got a 9.0 out of 10 in our review. Looking into the future, the upcoming EA Originals title is A Way Out — eccentric developer Josef Fares’ game that bases itself almost entirely in co-operative gameplay.

Xbox One X is available to purchase now at most retailers — however, those looking for the deal should make sure to grab the console from the Microsoft Store.