Xbox One X Bundle Coming With Second Copy of Fallout 76 at Some Retailers

Xbox One X Bundle Coming With Second Copy of Fallout 76 at Some Retailers

A second copy of Fallout 76 is getting packed in with some Xbox One X bundles, as German stores continue to liquidate stock.

It looks like GameStop Germany aren’t the only ones looking to liquidate their stock of Fallout 76. Other shoppers that noted that German electronic store Saturn is bundling a physical version of the post-apocalyptic game with the Xbox One X Fallout 76 Bundle–despite the fact that a digital version comes with the game.

News comes by way of Reddit, where Redditor viirus42 noted that they saw Xbox One X Fallout 76 bundles packed alongside physical versions of the game:

Saturn in germany is so desperately trying get rid of Fallout 76, they bundled it with the Falliut 76 One X bundle from r/xboxone

This is an interesting pack in, given that the bundle comes packed in with a digital version of the game. On one hand, it is very likely the company’s attempt to liquidate extra stock sitting around. On the other hand, this is a boon to consumers who can get a game for their friend to play with them.

And while it would be positive thinking to believe that the pack in is for only benevolent reasons, we have seen recent cases where companies are trying hard to get rid of remaining copies. Take for example GameStop Germany, that was bundling a free copy of Fallout 76 when users purchased a used PS4 controller. Ouch.

The Xbox One X bundle recently got a $50 price cut in the US to kick off 2019. And perhaps that goes along with the luke-warm response to the game in general. Starting with the mediocre reception among critics (we awarded the game a 2.0 out of 10), more than a few negative PR hits surrounded the game.

Immediately Bethesda got hit with accusations from the community of lack of communication with the game’s development plan and patch notes. Following that, we got the now infamous duffle kurfuffle, where Bethesda’s packed in bag on the Fallout 76: Power Armor Edition‘s bundle didn’t meet the advertised quality standards. After that, we got more issues about questionable in-game pricing or making cheaters (and occasionally non-cheaters) write an essay to get unbanned.

Fallout 76 is currently available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. If you for some reason want to pop into the game now and can’t find a German friend to hand a free copy over, you can order the game through Amazon.

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