Xbox One X: Take a Closer Hands-on Look at the Sleek “Project Scorpio Edition”

Xbox One X: Take a Closer Hands-on Look at the Sleek “Project Scorpio Edition”

DualShockers gets touchy-feely with an Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition, showing every angle, the vertical stand, and the ports on the back.

During a Microsoft showcase event in New York City, our co-founder Joel Taveras sat down with a very special guest: the Xbox One X “Project Scorpio Edition“.

While she wasn’t very talkative, she was still rather charming with her sleek all-black looks. Joel could not resist the temptation of being a bit touchy-feely with the “world’s most powerful console.”

In the video below, you can enjoy watching the console in detail from all angles. Check out the included vertical stand provided in the box, allowing those who pre-ordered the Scorpio Edition to set it up vertically.

We also get to see the ports on the back, designed to just unplug all the cables from your existing Xbox One S, and re-plug them directly into the X with exactly the same setup. Incidentally, the Xbox one X will let you seamlessly transfer your settings as well.

But without further ado, you can head just below to enjoy the video. Incidentally, pre-orders for the standard edition of the console start today (September 20th, it might still be tomorrow depending on where you live).

You can also check out our Forza Motorsport 7 gameplay, running on the console in 4K resolution.