Xbox One X “Project Scorpio Edition” Possibly Leaked by German Retailers

Xbox One X “Project Scorpio Edition” Possibly Leaked by German Retailers

German Retailers allowed a "Project Scorpio Edition" of the Xbox One X slip through the cracks.

Today Gearman retailers Saturn and Mediamarkt leaked an alleged “Project Scorpio Edition” of the upcoming Xbox One X.

The both the console and the controller have a “project scorpio” lettering in green, and the finish of the unit itself appears to be different from a standard Xbox One.

Both listings encourage buyers to pre-order the console before it’s gone forever, indicating that the edition should be limited. They also mentions that it’s a console for the biggest fans, the first to experience Xbox One X, so it’s probably a sort of day one edition.

Everything else appears to be standard from the small pictures we have, but there could be more caveats.

While at the moment we have no confirmation on the legitimacy of the leak, this seems to be something that Microsoft was supposed to announce during its Xbox livestream from Gamescom, Cologne, on Sunday evening. We do know that they’re going to provide pre-order information, and this is probably going to be part of that reveal.

You can check out the images below. This isn’t the first leak from Xbox’s Gamescom line-up, as today we also saw the ReCore Definitive Edition, slipped through the cracks of Microsoft’s own store.