Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition Pre-Order Guide [Ongoing]

Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition Pre-Order Guide [Ongoing]

Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition has been revealed by Microsoft, but where can you pre-order it? We give you all the links you need.

While it’s been announced since E3 2017 at the very least, Microsoft fans and tech heads have been waiting to pre-order the newest iteration of the Xbox: the Xbox One X. Today at Xbox’s Gamescom Press Conference, Microsoft officially opened pre-orders and revealed the limited edition “Project Scorpio Edition” which will have the console’s infamous codename in bold, Xbox green on the system.

As with all limited edition things in the gaming space, we expect Xbox One X’s Project Scoprio Edition to sell out fast. And that is why we want to make sure you have all the links on when and where to pick it up, as well as a helpful guide to instruct you on how to set up some notification when it eventually comes in stock.

Below, you can check out the pre-order links that we have been able to scrape up across the internet to get your order in. If you happen to miss it, go below that to set up a notification system on when these consoles get in stock:

United States:


United Kingdom:





Alternatively, the next-best thing to manually refreshing every link (and save you the mental anguish) is to create a NowInStock account, setting up mobile/email/on-screen notifications, and tracking pre-order links that way.

For those out of the loop, NowInStock is an inventory management system that tracks every online retailer and can alert you when the stock is available. Best part? It refreshes automatically every 30 seconds without having to jam your F5 key.

After creating your account, do the following to keep track of Xbox One X Scorpio Edition online stock:

  1. Go to your Home screen. Here you will get a glimpse of everything you are currently following in a snapshot. Being brand new to the platform, Xbox One X shouldn’t yet be on your list.
  2. Select “Add Items [+]” from the Account Menu. Here is the meat of the matter — you want to make sure that you have all the places to buy the Xbox One X selected. Oh, and any other game you may be waiting for.
  3. In the drop-down menu, select “Video Games -> Consoles -> Xbox One X” While the pickings are slim right now, it will eventually be updated with Amazon, Target, Best Buy, GameStop, WalMart and more.
  4. Choose the Country, Delivery Method, Status and Store you want to order from. Now that you have the item selected, check what retailers have their pre-orders up and in what countries. make sure that you have the Green (restock) and Blue (pre-order) arrow checked. You will want to find out what delivery system you like best:
    • Text Alerts — a text to your registered phone saying when the console is available.
    • On-Screen Notifications — an on-screen alarm for your computer when the console is available.
    • Email Notifications — an email to your registered address saying when the console is available.
  5. If you selected “On-Screen Notifications,” select “Browser Alerts” in the Account Menu. From here you want to make sure that you have In-Stock Alarms and Alerts set to On. Alarms make a blaring sound when the item comes in stock, the Alerts will put an on-screen pop up. Blast your volume and keep this page on in the background and let it auto-refresh every 30 seconds.

The Xbox One X is Microsoft’s next step in the mid-console cycle, offering its smallest system, true 4K visuals, a CPU/GPU combo capable to deliver 6 teraFLOPS of computing power, 12 gigabytes of GDDR5 RAM, a one terabyte hard disk drive, and a 4K ultra HD Blu-ray disk drive.

Even better, all of that comes at a (relatively) affordable $499.99 — a steal for techies looking for mid-to-low PC range power on a console.