Xbox One’s Cloud Promises To Evolve Gaming

on August 27, 2013 2:37 PM

The last time we looked at the Xbox One’s new technology, we were shown how the Xbox One controller has evolved for even more engaging gameplay. In the newest video, which you can view below, Graeme “@AceyBongos” Boyd now talks with Dan Greenawalt, the creative director of Forza Motorsport 5’s‘s studio Turn 10, about how the Xbox One’s Cloud Powered Gaming evolves gameplay with time and more players.

According to the video, expect to see the Cloud used for Forza 5‘s Drivatar to evolve your player and stats even when you’re not playing; learn how actions made by players in other worlds can affect yours seamlessly; how developers can let A.I. evolve on its own through mimicking player data; and how developers can mine data to see what kind of additional features and mechanics would best suit their customers.

This certainly sounds like an exciting component, one that can evolve not just gameplay by the industry itself, if done right. Also check out the Infograph below for a more concise way Xbox plans to use the technology for gaming. For more on Cloud Computing, check out an assessment by the PS4’s Mark Cerny himself, which also includes an additional assessment by DualShockers’ very own News Editor, Giuseppe Nelva.


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