Xbox One’s Friend List Is Down: “Sorry, We Can’t Show Your Friends Right Now” (Updated)

Xbox One’s Friend List Is Down: “Sorry, We Can’t Show Your Friends Right Now” (Updated)

Looks like your Xbox One is temporarily a more lonely experience today, as the friend list feature appears to be down, as reported by many users across several social media sites (like Reddit, for instance), and as you can see in the picture below snapped directly from my console (I do wish it had a screenshot feature, come on Microsoft. I know you want to do this).

While the Xbox Live Status page doesn’t show any major disruption of the service, and online gameplay is still available (even if affected if you need to invite someone to your game), there’s no way to connect with your friends.

Hopefully Microsoft will get on this quickly enough, as they’re normally very swift in solving this sort of problem. Strangely, the Xbox 360 friend list seems to be unaffected.

Update: the problem seems to be on the mend at least on my end, as while the front page of the Friends app still shows the message, actually activating it will now show my friend list. As usual props to Microsoft for getting on top of the issue quickly, even on a Sunday.

Update 2: while the problem has been partially solved for some (me included), many still report a persisting issue.

Update 3: Friend list is fully down again on my end and reports continue to flow in on several social platforms, as the issues seem to be still ongoing. The Xbox Live Status page has now been updated, acknowledging the problem.

If you’re having difficulties with your Friends list or with Profiles, rest assured our team is hard at work trying to get everything back to normal. Thanks for your patience while we work. We’ll update you again in 30 minutes.

Update 4: while the status page still displays the issue as ongoing, the service seems to have been restored.

Update 5: looks like the service is down again for many, me included.

Update 6: The problem seems to have finally been solved for good.