Xbox One’s Last Big Dashboard Update of the Year Probably Coming Soon, New Beta Version Fixes Issues

Xbox One’s Last Big Dashboard Update of the Year Probably Coming Soon, New Beta Version Fixes Issues

Microsoft just released a new version of the November update preview fixing a few nagging issues that have been reported by preview members over the past few days. Here are the patch notes:


  • OS version released: xb_rel_1411.141102-2100
  • Available: 6:00PM PDT 11/3 (2AM GMT 11/4)


  • Unable to connect to wireless networks reliably since the 10/31 update. A fix for this issue is in tonight’s update. If you are unable to connect to take the update, please try the following steps. If any of these are successful, after the update you can revert back to your original configuration: Use an ethernet cable to make a wired connection. Unplug all USB devices from the console. Unplug Kinect from the console. Move your console and wireless router as close as possible.
  • Party Chat robotic voices. A fix is in this update for an issue some users have reported with voices in Party Chat sounding robotic.
  • Achievement App crashes in Snap Mode. Reported by some users, the Achievements App should no longer experience this crash scenario.


  • Game invites between 1411-1410 builds will show as the Store icon when the invite is received. The invite functionality should still work as expected. The teams are aware and working on a fix.
  • You cannot join games in progress between 1411 and 1410. The icons in Friends, Party, and Profile to join games in progress with users on the General Public Release (1410) will be greyed out or missing. As a workaround, please have your friend on 1410 send you a game invite.


  • We’re still eager for your feedback on our New Store – check out the survey section of the Preview Dashboard app to tell us what you think!
  • The Evolve Big Alpha has been extended until 11/4, you’ve got more time to take the Evolve Big Alpha survey!

Additionally, the November update is probably coming soon, as Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb is currently working on his customary video showcasing the new features, which is normally :

While we don’t know exactly when the update will be released, Microsoft seems to be ramping up for the last big update of the year, since Phil Spencer recently mentioned that in December Microsoft will stick to make sure everything works due to the Holidays.