New Xbox Special Edition Controllers Get Unboxed… Really Fast

New Xbox Special Edition Controllers Get Unboxed… Really Fast

Watch a Xbox Wireless Controller Patrol Tech Special Edition and two more make an unboxing video as effortless and quick as ever.

Microsoft just released unboxing videos of its newest Patrol Tech Special Edition, Green/Grey and Volcano Shadow Special Edition Xbox controllers.

Forget those unboxing videos with cutters, scissors, nearly-deadly clamshells, lots of struggling to get the items out of their packaging and wrapping. This is probably the fastest you’ll see today, with Community Managers Josh Stein and Nicole Fawcette as they simply pop the cover up, slide the controller out…  and done. Gotta give it to them, they have good packaging.

The controllers are compatible with original Xbox One, Xbox One S, the upcoming Xbox One X and Windows 10 PC.

The Patrol Tech Special Edition comes with military-like looks for the Call of Duty fans out there. It costs $69.99, and it’ll be on the store shelves on September 5th, 2017. It also comes with dark blue color, some regiment icons that look like they’re coming straight out of a strategy game, and rubberized diamond grips.

The three new Xbox One controllers have been announced last week, with the Green/Grey and Volcano Shadow Special Edition, which have already been released a few days ago for $64.99 and  $69.99 respectively.

Of course, you’re not limited to these colors for Xbox One controllers, as Microsoft has its handy Xbox Design Lab letting you pretty much make whatever combination you might like.