Xbox Player Runs Game Pass On Android Smartwatch

Because why not?

July 20, 2021

Microsoft’s xCloud gaming has brought Xbox Game Pass Ultimate as a cloud service that doesn’t require a console to work.

It is available on both mobile platforms, that is, Android and iOS as well as on PC. Now with xCloud Gaming, you can access games in the Xbox Game Pass via browser.

Since it has been accessible through a web browser as well, a gamer took the opportunity to run games via xCloud on a smartwatch.

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Xbox games on Smartwatch via xCloud

Recently, Xbox held an event in South Korea to promote Xbox Game Pass and xCloud — during which xCloud could be accessed from any browser.


Taking advantage of this opportunity, a Korean Xbox user was able to run Game Pass on his smartwatch. He simply needed to access the xCloud website in a browser on his smartwatch that runs on Android 5.1.

The user also uploaded images on a website flaunting his smartwatch with Xbox games on it. Later on, YuJeong Kim, another Xbox enthusiast from Korea, spotted this development and shared it on Twitter.

What makes it more interesting is that the user can be seen using one of 8Bitdo’s smallest models to play games like Forza Horizon 4 on the watch. In a way, he ended up creating the most portable Xbox gaming setup.

There is no information regarding the smartwatch model as of now, but we do know it is a Chinese smartwatch running Android 5.1. And the screen display size is 1.57 inches — which would probably make you wonder if it even makes sense to play Xbox games on such a small display.

However, it shows us the crazy possibilities ahead in the world of gaming. It also establishes that by using xCloud, any device with a screen can be used to play Xbox games as long as it has a supported browser.

That being said, there is a lot of work that needs to be done before bringing console games on a smartwatch. For instance, in this case, even though the games were accessible on-screen, the gaming accessory support still has a long way to go.

So it will be a while before we get to see perfect cloud gaming on a smartwatch. What are your opinions on this? Do you think we should get better gaming options on smartwatches too? Drop your thoughts below!

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