Microsoft is Reportedly Still Planning to Release Two Models of Xbox Scarlett

The codenamed Xbox Scarlett platforms Lockhart and Anaconda are still reported to exist and will both arrive next year when Microsoft's new console drops.

For nearly a year now, rumors have been swirling about how Microsoft is planning to roll out its next-gen platform Project Scarlett. Early rumors stated that Microsoft had two versions of the new console in the works, each codenamed Anaconda and Lockhart, but later reports claimed that plans had since changed and only one model of Scarlett would end up arriving at launch in 2020.

Now, in a new report from Kotaku, it sounds like multiple SKUs for Scarlett is still in the cards. According to this new report, Lockhart, the “lesser” version of the two models of Scarlett, is still around and will serve as a disc-less version of the platform. In addition to not having a disc drive, Lockhart would reportedly be a bit less powerful, meaning that the Anaconda version of Scarlett would essentially be the new equivalent of the Xbox One X.

The major question though regarding Anaconda and Lockhart comes with how costly each version of Scarlett will be. While Microsoft has yet to comment or talk about price points for Scarlett whatsoever, it seems as though Lockhart will likely come in around $100 cheaper compared to Anaconda. This is just all my own guesswork though based on what we’ve seen in the past and wasn’t specified in today’s aforementioned report.

There’s still a whole lot more that we have to learn about Xbox Scarlett and Microsoft will assumedly start giving us more information next year. 2020 is going to be an interesting year for video games, so buckle up.

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