Rumor: Could Xbox Series S Details Be Revealed This Month?

Details on the rumored Lockhart console could surface within three weeks.

By Ben Bayliss

August 11, 2020

While pretty much all marketing for Microsoft’s next-generation console has been focused specifically on the Xbox Series X, there have been rumors of another version, known from rumors as Xbox Lockhart, that’s possibly going to be more budget-friendly. While nothing has actually been revealed, according to a new rumor, we could be seeing some details in the coming weeks.

According to Venture Beat’s Jeff Grub, he quote RT’d a post from Wario64 regarding the recent Xbox Series X controller package being leaked showing the compatibility with the Xbox Series X|S. Jeff claims that details should be coming in the next three weeks.

Back in June, Eurogamer reported that unnamed sources have pointed to August for something possibly Xbox Series S related, and in addition to that, some documents revealed some information on Lockhart. Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer last month revealed that there will be more Xbox news to come in August, but obviously what this will entail is unknown. However, if a reveal for the Xbox Series S is on the cards, I’m certainly interested in seeing what specifications have been nerfed.

The Verge suggests the Lockhart console looks to be bringing 1080p to 1440p gaming while the Xbox Series X has been confirmed to be bringing 4K gaming,  At current, we know the technical specifications of the Xbox Series X which looks to be focusing on power and speed.

What do you think? Do you think the Series S will be revealed this month? Perhaps we’ll see a reveal of the prices of the next-generation consoles from Microsoft?

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