Xbox Series S Is A "Pain" For Developers Due To Memory Issues: Report

May 11, 2022

The Xbox Series S, the younger sibling in the new Xbox family, which offers a considerably cheaper alternative, is apparently not that great of a choice for developers.

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On their new podcast, Digital Foundry has revealed some interesting details about the Xbox Series S. According to them, the developers are having a difficult time making games for the consoles. It is highlighted that multiple developers have stated that the Xbox Series S is a pain at times.

Xbox Series S Is A “Pain” For Developers Due To Memory Issues: Report

One might be wondering that the weaker hardware is the culprit for the problems faced by the developers, but there is actually more to it. Notably, the CPU and GPU power isn’t what has been making it difficult for developers. Instead, it is the memory constraints that are posing problems for the developers.

It should be noted that this is not coming only from Digital Foundry, and we have had instances in the past when this information came directly from the horse’s mouth. Earlier this year, one of the most anticipated games, Dying Light 2 was released and it was critically acclaimed for both its gameplay and graphics. However, that was true only for the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5. The scenario on Xbox Series S was totally different.

Players who were playing Dying Light 2 on the Xbox Series S were facing a myriad of issues, along with the 30 FPS frame rates. One might wonder that there are other open-world games on the console as well which run pretty well, so what’s the deal with Dying Light 2?

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Well, it was explained by Techland as they added that Dying Light 2 is different because of the “density and verticality of its world” and that is holding them back from making significant improvements on the Xbox Series S. Likewise, games like Elden Ring drop to below 30 FPS even at below 1080p, so it is not a game-specific issue as such. It seems like paying a bit more and getting the Xbox Series

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