Xbox Series X and S Get a Full Walkthrough Footage Showing You the Whole Next-Gen Experience

Xbox Series X and S Get a Full Walkthrough Footage Showing You the Whole Next-Gen Experience

From powering up the console to testing Quick Resume, here are all the things you need to know about Xbox Series X and S in a full walkthrough.

Less than a month later we will jump into the next generation of gaming when both Sony and Microsoft launch their new consoles. If you would start the new generation with an Xbox Serie X or S, check out the official walkthrough for both consoles to see what awaits in the future of Xbox.

This brand new unedited video is aimed to give you a realistic experience of working with Xbox Series X and Series S from pushing the Power-Up button to testing out some key features and shutting the consoles down.

First of all, we get to visit the new dashboard for Xbox Series X which is also available on Xbox One now, but the next-gen version will feature an exclusive dynamic theme with customizable colors. Besides, the next-gen dashboard will be much smoother and faster than the current-gen ones. Along with the new dashboard, Xbox Series X features an overhauled Microsoft Store as well, which is much more optimized than the previous one. Thanks to the new network hardware in the next-gen consoles of Xbox, your download speed will be boosted compared to what you would get on Xbox One X.

After visiting the dashboard, we jump into some games starting with Gears 5. According to the Microsoft engineer, the Xbox Series X | S version of Gears 5 will use the Ultra-preset texture packs from the PC version of the game, which could never be applied to Xbox One X.

Later on, the video focuses on Quick Resume, which is a key feature that you cannot find on PS5, the rival console. Thanks to Quick Resume, the player jumps from Gears 5 to Dirt 5 and then Subnautica, and all of them are exactly paused in wherever you left off.

During the video, the Xbox engineer confirmed that the expandable storage cards for Xbox Series X | S will have the same performance as the console’s custom SSD. You can even use a hard drive to have more storage on your consoles, but don’t expect key features like Quick Resume to work properly while you playing through a hard drive.

Last but not least, the Xbox team also showcased how the Share button works on the new Xbox controller and how fast you can take screenshots and share them with your friends thanks to the new Xbox app on mobile phones.

Xbox Series X and S will be available on November 10.