Xbox Series X Adds a Major Boost to Backward Compatible Titles

Xbox Series X Adds a Major Boost to Backward Compatible Titles

Boasting incredible load times and the impressive Quick Resume feature, the Xbox Series X drastically outperforms its current-gen counterpart.

Previews went up for the Xbox Series X recently at a variety of publications and YouTube channels and so far, the general consensus is overwhelmingly positive. One of the most anticipated previews was Digital Foundry’s in-depth breakdown of the console and its performance.

While we didn’t get to see gameplay for any next-gen games (or games optimized for the Series X,) we did get to see how a slew of backward compatible games – including Gears 5, The Outer Worlds, Red Dead Redemption 2, and other games from Xbox’s past running on “the most powerful console in the world” and the results were incredible. Eurogamer’s preview reported that in some cases, games saw performance and load times work two times better than the Xbox One X.

One of the most surprising bits of information was that the games shown in the previews across the board weren’t even utilizing the full power of some of the Series X‘s features. According to Microsoft, the preview model of the Series X is just a prototype, and as a result, they haven’t been able to showcase the full capabilities of the Xbox. Microsoft has promised that backward compatible games will load even faster and run even better on the final version of the Xbox Series X when it launches.

The video also showcases some of the next-gen system’s other capabilities, like the impressively fast ‘Quick Resume,’ where the Xbox can suspend a few games and jump in-between them with little-to-no load times.

DualShockers didn’t receive a preview model of the Series X, but we’ll still be here to keep you up-to-date on everything surrounding the upcoming consoles that are releasing this November.