Microsoft May Have Made a Big Change to Xbox Series X Game Covers

The "Optimized for Series X" badge, which received much scrutiny online, may be disappearing from the final box art for Xbox Series X games.

With the Xbox Series X set to launch later this year, anticipation has been building for Microsoft’s next-gen system and the games we can expect to play on it. A few weeks ago we saw a glimpse of the first-party games coming to the Xbox Series X, and while we don’t yet know the price or release date for the system, it appears that Microsoft may have listened to feedback on one aspect of the system’s branding for its upcoming games.

Niko Partners senior analyst Daniel Ahmad noted on Twitter that it seems several box art images for upcoming Xbox Series X games have had the “Optimized for Series X” badge removed from their cover art, citing upcoming new marketing assets for games such as Dirt 5 and Far Cry 6. Instead, according to Ahmad the badge on the front of the art will be moved to the back of the game covers for a “more subtle mention of it being optimised for Series X.”

The “Optimized for Series X” badge was first unveiled earlier this year in the leadup to the Xbox Series X’s launch later this year, and meant as a way to signify games that take advantage of the Series’ X graphical power. However, since its reveal the badge has drawn criticism online as from what we seen so far, it seems to take up a significant amount of real estate on a game’s box art. Likewise, the branding for Xbox Series X games as a whole has drawn ire due to the overwhelming amount of information on the cover art for games that we’ve seen so far.

Compared to the more simplistic cover art that Sony has revealed for the PS5, it’s clear that Microsoft’s cover art for Series X games has the opposite problem of trying to communicate too much, as you can see below (noted by The Verge‘s Tom Warren):

The Xbox Series X is expected to launch sometime this holiday season, though we’re still waiting to hear more on the system’s price and exact release date. In the meantime, you can check out everything that we know so far about the Xbox Series X.

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