No, Your Xbox Series X Won’t Go up in Smoke as Videos Are Fake

No, Your Xbox Series X Won’t Go up in Smoke as Videos Are Fake

Xbox Series X smoking videos are fake.

Today, there have been a series of videos circulating online showing the Xbox Series X smoking from the vent. The videos are fake, and we’re shown the way to replicate the effect…you know if you want to. Maybe?

Since early units were out, there’s been concerns about the consoles “heat problem” — I’m not entirely sure where or how this started. But Windows Central ran thermal imaging on the console and determined that it’s actually okay. But it seems some people with a vape pen, an Xbox Series X, and some free time have been using these concerns to spark some worries, or just have a bit of fun I suppose?

Shared by Xbox Studio (Thanks, Tom Warren), a Twitter account that doesn’t appear to be associated with Xbox or Microsoft, the smoke emerging out of the consoles you’ve probably been seeing online are fake, and achieved through using vape pens.

The video shows the user changing some system settings, then blowing a mouthful of vapor into the bottom of the console, and then the vapor just…flows out from the top. I’d probably argue that you don’t try this just to, you know, look after your console, but that’s the proof that the videos circulating are indeed fake and you shouldn’t be entirely concerned about your Series X burning out.

Additionally, Windows Central’s Jez Corden says, “there’s no material inside the Xbox Series X that would burn like that”

I mean, if you want to go out and grab a vape and blow that into your next-generation console go for it. Meanwhile, there has already been a major issue reported in the UK for one unlucky customer which results in the console crashing and green dots populating the screen. Additionally, the Xbox Live servers appear to be struggling with the influx of players.