Here’s What an Xbox Series X Controller Looks Like Without Skin

Here’s What an Xbox Series X Controller Looks Like Without Skin

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Recently we’ve seen what appears to be leaked Xbox Series X controller packaging which seemed to confirm the existence of another version of the next-generation console, the Xbox Series S. Then there were also more images of the controller packaging that seems to point to a November 6 release date for the upcoming console. But what about what the inside of the controller looks like?

Brad Sams, an Executive Editor of BWW Media Group, shared an image yesterday of an Xbox Series X controller with its outer casing removed, giving us a look at its innards. As you can see from his image below, the controller doesn’t really show many differences from the Xbox One controller’s insides.

Xbox Series X Controller Inside

Of course, the D-Pad is different, and there’s the added button smack bang in the middle of the controller, but otherwise, it’s unchanged from what I can see. The rumbles don’t appear to be at all any different, and the buttons are the same. The logo’s updated obviously, and there appears to be screws and bits and bobs in slightly different areas. I suppose the saying goes if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

So while there’s not much to see, it’s clear that PlayStation is taking a more dramatic route in terms of peripherals with the larger, bulkier, DualSense controller. That controller will see adaptive triggers, new buttons, haptic feedback, an internal microphone, and a fancy-pants touchpad.

As for the Xbox Series X, the console has made its first public appearance in Germany this week and looks to be a lovely big block. It’s slated to officially launch sometime in November.